My tribe

My tribe

Yesterday was Women’s Day in South Africa. I thought a lot about the amazing tribe of women in my life. In each stage of my life there have been women I could look up to and learn from, women I could get encouragement and guidance from, women who’ve seen me at my worst and are still there for me now, women who have pointed out when I’ve been off side and when I need to apologize. I am so grateful for these ladies!

As I’ve got older, I’ve realized more and more how absolutely essential it is to have this tribe around me. To grow as a wife and a mom and in my career, I need these ladies to teach me and coach me and call me out when I make a wrong turn. Ladies, we need to support each other and encourage each other! So many of us are trying to survive the seemingly endless stream of nappies and bottles and introducing new veggies. So many of us are struggling with building our careers, or not building our careers, and with mom guilt in some form. So many of us are searching for a balance that allows our own self care and love, as well as wishing for an abundant supply of love and time for all those who depend on us.

And so many of us are doing this alone. Hoping that no one will notice how exhausted we feel. Hoping that no one will ask how we are doing, in case we burst into tears. Hoping we can get through the next hour without becoming a monster in front of our kids. Ladies, find your tribe! Surround yourselves with women you can be real with, women who love you because you show up, with or without make up on. Surround yourself with women who are honest with you and encourage you to try harder. Surround yourself with women who have gone through what you’re going through, who have run this trail and come out the other side, who can give you advice for your journey. Then, be humble and be teachable. Then, be willing to listen and learn from others.

Although there’s a particular focus on women this month, I have to add that my tribe would not be complete without a few important men in my life. My dad is one of my most enthusiastic cheerleaders. He teaches me patience and the importance of being connected with real life. He’s shown me the importance of family. He teaches me to embrace each day and make the most of it. My brother, now a father of two gorgeous kids, teaches me humility and how to appreciate and celebrate life. My husband. He has been in my life for almost 15 years (gosh, that’s crazy) and he is one of a kind. He’s rational and ambitious, he sees potential in me that I never have. He is a protector and provider, he is authentic and honest.

My tribe is made up of people in my family, my church, my workplace and social circles. My tribe also has people I’ve never met before but I hear their voices in podcasts and audiobooks. My tribe has and will change over time. It doesn’t matter what your tribe looks like, it’s important that you have one! It’s important that your tribe supports you and encourages you to be a better you. It’s important that with your tribe you can be vulnerable and teachable. It’s important that with your tribe you feel loved. Find your tribe.

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