Leading others successfully can only happen if we can lead ourselves successfully first.  The 8-part LeadHer Programme covers fundamental areas of leading self and leading others. 


LeadHer is a programme that helps unlock potential in individuals to consequently unlock potential in organisations.  I work with groups of up to 12 participants in eight monthly group sessions and one-on-one coaching sessions to unpack what leading ourselves looks like and how we then lead others well. 

Mastering Management

Mastering Management is a comprehensive and dynamic manager training course designed to empower and elevate managerial capabilities.
Throughout this programme, aspiring and current managers will be equipped with the essential tools and strategies to achieve mastery in
their managerial role, enabling them to successfully manage themselves, their team and their clients with confidence and effectiveness.

Time Tools

Our lives are busy.  We are overcommitted, overworked and overwhelmed. We need a time shift. This workshop is more than just a time management course.  We will take a look at practical tools to help you create the systems that help you shift towards what matters to you in whichever season of life you are in.  These tools are tried and tested and have helped me learn how to invest my time wisely.
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