Your family weekly planner

As a true A-type, I love a list, I love a planner and I like to see the plans in colour on the fridge, in my online calendar, in my dairy, in as many places as possible!  It helps me to mentally prepare for the week and to keep better track of who is doing what, when, what needs to be packed for school and extra murals each day, when baby sitters are needed, etc.  I also include our evening meals along the side so everyone knows that to expect for dinner!

I created this planner to have a space to write out the big things happening in the week ahead.  Now you can create yours too!

Create your vision board

One way to shift towards what matters to you is to create a vision board. In this video, we chat through what a vision board is, why it is such a useful tool to use and how to create your vision board. Follow these five steps to create your own vision board to start intentionally shifting towards what matters.

Your Intentional Year

The world we live in today is filled with commitments and deadlines, a constant juggle of all the balls we have up
in the air – our families, our work, our health and wellbeing, our friends, our faith and everything in between. We
tend to just keep moving, often without much thought about what we’re committing our time and energy to.


To live an intentional life, we need to take a step back and determine or revisit what we value most, what
matters to us in this season and what our overall vision is for this time.


Download this free worksheet to help you create the space for you to think through and write down each of these elements,
with guided, step by step videos that you can find over on my Instragram page @donnacarolgray.

Family meal planner

Our lives are so full and we should be trying our best to create structures and routines that help us shift more towards the things that matter most to us and away from doing a grocery shop every day! Our time is limited and one way to to create some extra space for the things that really matter is doing a weekly meal plan and one grocery shop.


I created this planner to help you start creating the routine of doing this weekly. I am not a dietician nor nutritionist nor a chef and the meals we eat aren’t always calorie counted or nutritionally measured or weighed, but I do love to plan and prepare healthy and wholesome meals for my family.


Download this free planner to get:

An example of a weekday meal planner for the whole family

A grocery list of all the ingredients you’ll need
Some of the recipes for the meals included in the planner

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