Make those moments count

Make those moments count

It has been a particularly bad week at work. A number of tight deadlines all happening at once, causing very early mornings after very late nights, with too much coffee and chocolate to get me through.  The nature of my line of work is that this is the occasionally the case, although not too frequently thankfully, if I can manage it all properly, which I generally can.  I remember when these type of weeks were considered tough but not as tough as this past week has been.

The change occurred when the role of ‘Mom’ was added to the role of ‘M&A Advisor’.  It goes without saying that priorities and timelines change drastically when new little bodies join the family, but often the demands of the corporate world are unforgiving and deadlines remain deadlines, irrespective of the nappies and bottles and precious little souls at home.  If I’m perfectly honest, it did take me a while to adjust, but what I’ve finally come to realise, and now believe confidently without any shadow of doubt, is that my role as ‘Mom’ always comes higher on the list than that of ‘M&A Advisor’.

There are times when compromise is necessary and a tricky juggling act commences, but I’ve promised time to my two little ones and their needs are far more important than the excel spreadsheets and management presentations.  God has trusted me with these two and it’s my responsibility to give them my best. This past week, in all the chaos that was happening around me, I was blessed with moments that made me realise that we’re going to be ok.  Carved out moments of joy, although in a bubble that could not be popped.

My daughter and I attend a Clamber Club group on Wednesday afternoons.  She is such a social little girl and loves being with the other kids, literally screeching with joy during these classes.  On Wednesday she was bubbling over with excitement to be there – clapping and bobbing along to the music.  Her joy is contagious.  For that hour, I was her mom and nothing else.  Her cuddles and kisses throughout the class made sure I knew just how much she appreciated my attention and love.

My son attends the most wonderful play school and on Fridays, each child has a turn to be baker man.  This past Friday was his turn.  He was so excited about it.  I took a few short cuts, but the end result of beautifully decorated vanilla and white chocolate cupcakes, made him so happy.  It wasn’t so much the sweet ingredients that he kept eating that made him chatter away happily and throw his head back in laughter, than the time we were spending together, just him and I.

As I now reflect on the week past and prepare for the week ahead, it is not the stress and sleepless nights that stand out. It is these moments, when they came first, when I put work away to be mom and only mom. These are the moments that count – for them and for me.

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