The story of Us

The story of Us

Always, when I look back at events and times in my life, I can so clearly see God’s hand in how things turned out.  One of the most obvious of these times is the way God brought my husband and I together.  We met after almost two years of being in the same university classes every day.  We had walked in and out of the same classes, written exams just a few seats away from each other and even had a few mutual friends, but it was not until that chosen day in September that we first met.  Eleven years, four degrees, two cities, one wedding, two dogs and two children later, we are still doing life together, navigating each day as it comes.

Marriage is not candy floss and roses, it is not always smiles, sunshine and cuddles. Marriage is hard work.  Life as a married couple is real and real is two individual people finding their place in the world as one.  Real is challenges and sacrifices.  Real is distractions and disagreements.  But real is also knowing that as one we are better than apart.  It is waking up each day being thankful for the person beside me, the one chosen to live out the purpose of this life with me.

The wonderful thing about having so much certainty that the man I’m married to is, without doubt, the person God chose to be mine, is that through all the days when I feel like life is caving in around us and through all the moments when I can feel my heart swell with love, we are meant to be one, we are meant to be together.  We are pink and blue, his and hers.  Through it all.

This person was chosen for me because he encourages me, sometimes without any words, to be better – to live better, love better.  But at the same time, I can just be me, all imperfections exposed.  He sees who I am and who I can be and believes, more than I do, in my potential.  He is patient when I am wound up.  He is calm when I am harried. He is strong when I am breaking.  When he procrastinates, I follow up (consistently!).  When he forgets, I remind.  We are the perfect fit.

For many months, I prayed for this person and knew God told me to be patient and wait for His work.  I listened, waited and found my person.  For this reason, I believe so much in God’s timing.  I believe so much in love.  I believe so much in Us.

  • robbiesinspiration
    Posted at 11:51h, 08 February Reply

    Very nice post, Donna

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    Posted at 11:53h, 08 February Reply

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  • srbottch
    Posted at 12:16h, 08 February Reply

    Enjoyed your love story. And you are exactly right, Love does take hard work. But, it’s worth it for all the reasons you mentioned.

  • usathroughoureyes
    Posted at 13:40h, 08 February Reply

    So much truth in your words. God is so good. Learning how to trust and wait upon Him is sooooo important but the fruits are beyond wonderful. The love He provides and the mate He brings will be incredible. Bring our broken lives to Him and watch.

    • graymatters2016
      Posted at 16:56h, 08 February Reply

      Thanks for the read. It takes patience and faith, but the rewards are great.

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