The present

The present

2017 is finally here! I can’t remember the last time I was so looking forward to a new year to begin. Not that much changes, really. Its more that it feels like a clean page, a chance to start over, forgetting all of last year’s challenges and obstacles. Given that 2016 was not a particularly good year for me, despite being blessed with the most beautiful baby girl, I really feel excited for what 2017 is going to bring us.

Each year we keep saying that time goes by too quickly. Days roll into weeks, weeks roll into months and before we know it, the New Year is no longer new. Every year we start off with the best intentions, a list of goals for the 365 days ahead – visit family more often, acknowledge special people in our lives, make healthier food choices, exercise more, spend more time outdoors, sleep more. Somehow, we think doing all these things will make us happier, better people. But realistically, many of these New Year’s resolutions are quickly forgotten when we are absorbed back into our day to day reality after holiday mode. Life moves forward, faster and more intense than the year before.

This year, I have just one New Year’s resolution. One which I am already finding difficult to implement and every excuse not to stick to. I am not going to get to the end of 2017 asking “where did the time go?”. I’m not going to miss out on precious moments with my people. I’m going to appreciate time. Im going to appreciate people. I’m going to be present.

I am a task orientated person. I am most content when things are in order, when my to-do list is systematically being ticked off. Doing many things at one time is my normal. But why? Why do I find myself checking emails, making a quick call, catching up on news or social media feeds, when my kids are playing in the garden, when my husband and I are eating dinner? The truth is, I shouldn’t be, but I’m so used to multitasking that I find it difficult to go slow, focus on one thing at a time, be present in that moment without thinking about a hundred other things.

So at the start of this New Year, I’m determined, more than ever, to learn to be content with a slower pace, to be present in each moment – mentally, emotionally and physically, without distraction of things that can wait. If I can get it right, I’m pretty sure that just this one change will bring more happiness than any other New Year’s resolution could.

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