Daddy’s girl

Daddy’s girl

Our little girl is just five months old, but has her dad so tightly wrapped around her little finger, it’s quite scary. She hears his voice and a gorgeous smile spreads across her face. She is the first one to be greeted when he arrives home from work in the evenings. He is already her hero, a daddy’s girl for sure.

We’ve often heard, and I think it is true, dads have such a unique bond with their daughters. A father has so much influence in who their daughter becomes. He sets the bar for her future husband, he defines the expectations she will have of all men in her life. The sad reality though, is that so many dads miss out on this opportunity.

A routine check a couple of weeks ago sent my Dad in for an angiogram today. I’m so thankful and relieved with the positive outcome, but the truth is that the necessity for this procedure and the possible outcomes have consumed my thoughts for days. I’ve been reflecting on the person he is and his role in my life. My Dad has had such a huge influence in who I have become, the way I parent, the way I do marriage, the way I do life.

I could write a book about his character and what people could learn from him, but there are definitely a few things that stand out from the rest. His patience is of never-ending supply. I probably didn’t realise this as much when I was growing up than I do now, seeing him with my kids. No amount of time is too long for him to take to play, to explain, to greet and chat with people he barely knows. He is one of the most humble people I know. He treats everyone fairly and with the same amount of dignity and respect. He has encouraged my brother and I to believe in our abilities, to take on challenges with perseverance and courage, to be better versions of ourselves each day. My Dad has shaped who I am, and has set the bar high, for myself and the other men in my life.

For all the dads reading this – appreciate the role you have in your daughters lives. Be present. Listen to her. Take every opportunity to praise her, discipline her, to encourage her, nurture her and teach her. Make her feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. Make sure she knows how much you love her. Thank you, Dad, for giving me all of these things.

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