Cosy comfort zone

Cosy comfort zone

Today, the first day of my summer holiday, felt rather different from any other first day of summer holidays. Today, I have only one phone and no laptop. Today, I had no guilt for not keeping an eye on emails coming in on my work phone and not responding with an immediate reply. Today, I’m pretty much unemployed for a while.

The new year will bring new adventures, new challenges, new joy and a huge career change. After almost 11 years working for the same corporate that recruited me straight out of university, I have finally made the leap out of my cosy comfort zone. For 11 years I’ve been blessed with the most incredible opportunities and work experience. I’ve worked in countries which many people will never get the chance to visit. I’ve been mentored by the greatest leaders and learnt so much from the most intelligent professionals in their industries. But at the same time, what I’ve realised as I’ve reflected on the changes happening in my head and heart over the past few months, is that between all these things I also found comfort in working for a Big Four, I found comfort in the affirmation received from my bosses, clients and colleagues, I found comfort in sitting in plush leather chairs in twelfth floor boardrooms sipping on Nespressos while admiring the view over the city discussing investment plans and strategies. I thrived on the pace and buzz of corporate life and at the same time felt like I was being sucked empty by the whirlwind of demands and deadlines.

I chose to ignore the little thoughts that occasionally tugged at my mind to try something different, something out of this cosy comfort zone. I chose to find so many reasons why not, rather than to listen to all the reasons why. Until one day I let go and in the days and weeks that have followed, the most incredible journey has played out. The way forward was made so clear, I had renewed courage to face the unknown and accept new challenges that will push me to grow in areas I had never really considered before. I gave God room to work and He did.

It’s been scary at times and sad at times. It’s also been so liberating to know that I’m not the navigator and yet the road ahead is the right one. I let go and let God.

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  • robbiesinspiration
    Posted at 17:26h, 18 December Reply

    A lovely post, Donna. I hope you are really happy with your new life. We will really miss you.

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